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Unpredictability is a part of life. It is impossible to prepare for the untoward happenings especially those having to do with locks and keys. Generally, we tend to take them for granted and this is where the problem starts. Emergency locksmith solutions from Express Locksmith Store have plenty of takers across Pasadena, CA area. Express Locksmith Store Pasadena, CA 626-264-9932The reason for this is quite simple:

  • We respond immediately
  • The time of the day does not matter
  • We have a large workshop network
  • Ours are on-the-spot solutions
  • All our services are affordably priced 

No wonder, our popularity as emergency locksmith increases by the day. The things have remained as such for the last 10 years with our client list ever increasing. Just as the modern-day locks have become more advanced and complex than before, opening them without the compatible keys also gets challenging. How do we do it when everyone else fails? As emergency locksmith, we use the best tools of the trade. Besides that, we make sure to improve upon the skills of our team members continuously. Do not waste time with substandard services when time is the key. Call us.

The most reliable solutions in Pasadena, CA

We will be there when your standard emergency locksmith would not even consider picking up the phone. Herein lies the difference between Express Locksmith Store and other service providers in the area. Are you facing a situation where the key does not turn inside the lock? Probably, you are standing outside your own car waiting to get inside! We understand very well that you are itching to break the lock and get it over with. While this is natural, our advice would be to think a while, take a deep breath, pick up the phone, and call us. Our team is sure to respond and does not matter that it is the middle of the night. As emergency locksmith service providers, we will be with you within 15-20 minutes.

Is an emergency locksmith expensive? We don't think so !

The consensus is that if you are offering urgent services during the most godforsaken time, it means that you are overpriced. People believe this to be the catch but we do not believe in charging extra even if it is an emergency. This is the reason behind our success for over a decade. Convenience of our customers is above everything else.

The next time you are stuck in a jam and require emergency locksmith solutions, Express Locksmith Store is the one to call.